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How Push To Talk is Surpassing Cellular Telephones
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Push to talk (PTT) communication devices (primarily walkie talkies) and cellular phones are nothing new. Walkie talkies have been around since World War II and cellular phones were introduced in 1973. Both devices have benefited from advances in technology. The latest advance is leading to an increase in the use of PTT Radio for nationwide communication at the touch of a button.

New Capacities

The 4G devices are basically walkie talkies except they are equipped with subscriber identity module (SIM) cards. This allows dispatchers, supervisors, and workers to communicate over multiple geographic locations quickly and efficiently. Groups can communicate with each other and supervisors can communicate with all employees, or have a private conversation with one employee. Utilizing cellular data networks companies, such as Peak PTT, provide secure communication anywhere there is cellular coverage.

Benefits Over Using a Cellular Telephone

The system has low start-up costs because there are few components needed. Dispatch control software and a unit for each employee is all that is required. The units arrive with contacts and groups already configured into them so they are ready to be used right out of the box. Another benefit is that these radios will not be obsolete in a few years. The technology will remain viable longer than other communication systems.

Smart phones are being upgraded just about every year. New versions have thinner designs, more features, more memory, or storage space. Replacing smart phones for employees every twelve months can end up costing a business a small fortune. This is not the case with the PTT devices. Time is saved as well because there is no need to search for the right phone number, dial it, and pull over to hold a conversation.

Safety and Accountability

Devices are equipped with panic buttons for safety, and have GPS location tracking. Supervisors can check periodically to determine everyone is where they should be. Any employee that needs medical attention can be found fast. This has many applications for several industries including field services, energy, waste management, event services, and many others. Questions can be answered and directions given without anyone having to leave their position, or stop what they are doing.

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